“There is no illness that cannot be healed by working on the feet.”

-Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (The Divine Doctor)


If you know someone who is sick, you may start the healing process by massaging their feet. In fact, it is important to take care of the feet on a daily basis. By working on the feet, we cause the nervous fluid to circulate smoothly throughout the body, Giving strength and healing so that we may gracefully face the challenges of time and space. The condition of your feet determines your health, strength and vitality. By working on the feet you can relax the entire nervous system, allowing it to rebuild itself which in turn promotes mind, body and spirit well being.

A human foot has 26 bones that compose the structure, 72000 nerves the end at the feet and through which the life force flows. Every organ in the body has a nerve ending in the foot. In order for a disease to take over calcium deposits must choke the nerves to prevent the earthly nurturing energy to feed the organs. Before you get sick the nerve ending center must be jammed with calcium or acid deposits. A build-up of crystallizations at the end of these nerve endings often proceeds weakness of the organs. In other words, when there is a problem in any organ or area of the body, there is a crystallization of calcium and acid deposits in the corresponding foot area. Working on the feet prevents the depletion of the life force helping our organs to get a normal supply of the nervous fluid. 

Nervous depletion can lead to:

-Constipation, poor circulation, extreme tension, and sluggishness of the vital organs.

Pain in the feet indicates:

-Weakness and abnormal functioning of the organs. 

Proper work on the feet helps a life force flow smoothly giving you a surplus of power and vitality. Our health ultimately depends upon this smooth flow of life force as well as its quality. Currently many of us are using that life-force not only in facing the various daily challenges, but also through worries, fears, angers, and insecurities. Letting Fear, anger and worry control you, weakens the nervous system by depleting the nervous fluid thereby destroying health youthfulness and our overall vitality. The easiest way to regulate the function of the organs is through foot massage. 

With just 20 pounds of pressure applied in a circular motion with the thumbs on the foot, one can break up these crystal deposits. Anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes with this pressure/technique morning and evening will help regenerate the nerves and break up these crystallizations. We all have to take special care of the circulation in the feet, because the feet are the body part farthest from the heart. 

“Whether you are recovering from certain conditions, feeling or about to get sick, or are looking for a daily regimen in prevention, Consistent feet care is phenomenal in aiding all healing purposes.”



Tips on self foot massage:

-To assist you can massage the feet with a coarse towel and wash them in cold and hot water. 

Dry brushing in a circular motion is also very effective in activating your nervous system and getting nerve endings to fire.

Keep a map of foot reflexology points around. This will also allow you to focus on certain vital organs.

-Almond & Grapeseed oil are both particularly effective in keeping the feet soft. (A great maintenance for calluses).

Garlic and onion on the feet help to remove poison from the body and combat paralysis.

-In case of dizziness and high fever, cut an onion in half and use it to massage the feet.

-If your nerves seem weak or fatigued put garlic juice on the feet and massage it in.

-Walking on a sandy beach (very therapeutic and limits impact on feet)

-Walking on dew-filled grass is the best energizing exercise, because the dew gives the water and the grass provides soft friction.

-Foot baths in warm water, for at least 10 minutes help with circulation.

Spearmint & Peppermint Essential Oils both contain menthol and are great for combating the relentless summer heat. Plus, these oils are both excellent at helping you relax, combat headaches, and reduce muscle fatigue.

-Adding CBD infused oil is very beneficial in terms of reducing inflammation, Pain & muscle fatigue as well as many other benefits.

Eucalyptus is another Essential Oil than can help alter your brain’s perception of your body heat.

 Breathing & Digestion

By working on the feet we recharge our solar plexus, stimulating the pneumo-gastric nerve, and help our nervous system & vital organs. Most problems with breathing and the digestive system come from a disturbance in this pneumo-gastric nerve. This nerve, which is a major branch of the sympathetic nervous system, governs our breathing and digestion. The solar plexus is its center, causing it to affect the function of vital organs. Working on the feet opens the solar plexus and assists the pneumogastric nerve in its healing function. Because our nervous system is bombarded on a daily basis by all kinds of stresses it is vitally important to help our nervous system by working on the feet. A bombarded nervous system not properly attended to, can result in nervous indigestion leaving to conditions such as gas, fermentation, heartburn, sour stomach, hyperacidity, and dilation of the stomach, resulting in shortness of breath and pressure in the heart. This can create heart irregularity palpitations and even heart failure.

Feet: The Foundation of a human

The greatest thing about the foot center is that it has contact with the earth, and that means that the destiny of man is intrinsically influenced by the condition of the feet. The Feet are the foundation of a human. The forces which enter into a human being through the top of the body, combined with the earthly energies that we receive through the feet, will determine our health, life and ultimately our destiny. As one grows older, the quantity of earthly energy entering the body through the feet starts decreasing, causing all types of problems such as bad circulation, swelling, aches and pain in the feet. All this is due to nature progressively detaching us from the earthly forces so that we may be prepared for death.  Therefore the older one grows the more one should walk to maintain body and brain health. As a matter of fact, you will find that old people who take long daily walks remain alert, maintain good memory, and are in better health.

Other warning signs:

-If the toenail has no reddish shine in it, the blood is impure and thick. It is important to keep the feet clean and best to wear comfortable shoes that do not pinch, bind or cause pain.
-If the feet have started hurting, it is an indication that the physical structure of the body is being damaged.
-The Expression “death comes through the feet,” originates from the fact that, when a person is about to expire, and the life force is dying in the body, the feet are the first to become very cold. Cold feet are a direct indication of a weak life force and bad circulation in the body.