About Bhavana

We are a catalyst for the transformation of restoring health for humankind, working with individuals to integrate balance and wholeness in a harmonized relationship with all that is. 

BHAVANA was birthed from a life long journey and pursuit of natural and holistic medicine that works and has proven to be sustainable for a lifetime. Our Philosophy is one that incorporates diverse modalities & a variety of alternative medicine services with some of the most skilled and devoted practitioners you will ever meet. We are hear to do the work, take a journey and empower ourselves with a Lifestyle of health of Wellness. 

Our mission is to provide you with experiences that restore your life force and provide you with the tools to achieve your highest potential in a sustainable and restorative way. Our top services include Various styles of Bodywork & Massage Therapy, Infrared Therapy, Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy & Medical Intuition. There’s something here for everyone. We are also connected through a wide network in Maine and can point you in the right direction with a qualified professional if we for some reason do not offer something you are searching for.

We will have traveling practitioners at times, seasonally offer services such as Chiropractic, IV Therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga Classes, various types of Workshops, Angel Card readings and more!  Keep a look out for flyers in our main lobby, social media or newsletters for these updates!

Bhavana in direct English, translates to “the cultivation of” and is a powerful Visualization technique of Ancient India.

Bhavana is one of the only visualization techniques where you combine emotion with inner imagery to manifest or deepen your relationship with something.

According to Yogic philosophy Bhavana is the most powerful visualization tool we have for internal self-creation. Bhavana is the technology to reimagine the Self.

We apply this energy to your health journey. Health can be Fun, dynamic and a form of self-empowerment.

There’s no need for healthcare to only be available when things get bad. Let’s dive in now and take control of our lives!

You Know you. You heal you. And we are HERE FOR YOU in that cultivation of Self-awareness, Self-love and Self-care.

You are unique and there is no one else quite like you. This is why we commit to going on a journey with you and discovering your health & wellness path with you. We are so excited to guide and support you on your journe