About Bhavana

We are a catalyst for the transformation of restoring health for humankind, working with individuals to integrate balance and wholeness in a harmonized relationship with all that is. 

The Bhavana experience was birthed from a life long journey and pursuit of natural and holistic medicine that works and has proven to be sustainable for a lifetime. We have designed an extensive variety of alternative medicine services with some of the most skilled and talented specialists in this profession today.

Our mission is to provide you with experiences that restores your life force and provide you with the tools to achieve your highest potential in a sustainable and restorative way. We are here to provide you the absolute best experience attainable in this field. There’s something here for everyone.

You are unique and there is no one else quite like you. This is why we customize every treatment and plan directly for you. We are so excited to guide and support you on your journey to complete optimal health.

Bhavana, a Sanskrit term meaning “Returning to Light”  bestowing: harmonization, inner peace, liberation and clarity of the mind.

According to Yogic philosophy Bhavana is the most powerful visualization tool we have for internal self-creation. Bhavana is the technology to reimagine the Self.